The Klebang smooth-coated

Otters are Meat Eaters. They live, hunt in the water and on land. The Klebang smooth-coated otters hunt for food in the small river estuaries, beaches, breakwaters and at sea.
At Bert's Garden Restaurant, otters occupy a few months a year a holt under the Bar. Their pups are born and raised there.

One can recognize the Klebang smooth-coated otters by their flat tail (See the videos) and a bald nose.
From the top, they have a dark to black fur coat. Under their chin and body, the colour is grey to white.

These animals are very intelligent, social and roam around in groups of up to 14 otters. ( my last observation). Otters are very playful. But, be careful; They have very sharp teeth and bite when they feel threatened.

Another issue is: They absolutely stink! When they are near you and the wind blows from their direction,
you will smell the penetrant aroma of Fish and wet Hay. When leaving the beach, they will try to hide that smell by covering their resting place with sand.

Otters live up to 16 years; Their usual source of food is fish. But frogs and birds are also on their menu.

Otters highly depend on their food availability.
That means very simple: If their food has left an area, they will leave that area as well.