Hello, this is María Marcos.

María Marcos is an Ocean lover, Canary island-born, currently living in Malaysia since 2015 where came to work as a General Manager at SALUD.
She is a marine Biologist specialist in coral restoration and Management and Conservation of Protected Natural Areas.
María Marcos worked as an Expedition host for 8 years in the National Park of Atlantic Island. She participated in many environmental programs connected with the Spanish government.
She created the web Millas y Orillas, in 2012 writing articles about nature and our underwater world.
She also is a wildlife conservation photojournalist, speaker who participates in many conferences.
She loves to take underwater photos and started to be obsessed with the idea to show everyone the beauty of the coral photos,
thanks to the opportunity of becoming a specialist of coral restoration and transmitted her passion in art by her Coral photographs.
Have organized reporting expeditions, working with important conservation organizations to build capacity within communications, while honing her skills as a nature storyteller.

Co-founder Sungai Project, a community of ocean Guardians in Melaka. Fighting against plastic pollution and encouraging the use of alternatives.
Involving the community in respecting the wildlife and ocean, encouraging locals to ecotourism so that they themselves take care of their nature.

“ My mission now is to make Melaka people appreciate what they have, before becoming what they had.
The conservation of species must be based on the education of people because without awareness of the natural world, it will be impossible to protect the ecosystems. ”