We noticed that new mangrove bush and trees are growing on recently reclaimed land.
There are three areas we like to bring you to, e.g. Pulau Melaka,
A Mangrove Bush at ShipYard Island near Pulau Upeh and
Bert's Lagoon in Klebang.

The 'Pulau Melaka' reclamation started in 1995 and is still on going.
On the western part of the island, near the watertower, a mangrove bush has grown over the years,
offering shelter to a variety of birds.

North of ShipYard Island grows a small Mangrove Bush, occupied by mixed flock of Cattle Egrets and Little Egrets. These birds live there undisturbed as the Mangrove bush is away from the shore. Their only enemies are the crows, who try to steal the egrets eggs.

Bert's lagoon, a compromise between the Kampong Pinang People and the state goverment, was developed around 2010. The embankment of the lagoon has now a rich cultivated mangrove bush that gives shelter to Otters, Sea birds, Lizards and juvenile fish.