Hello, my name is Frits..
I have been living in Klebang Melaka, since 1996.

The videos that you can watch by clicking on them show the small animal paradises in Klebang, that are next to our front door. Most of us are not aware that these exist..But look closely and you will find them.

These small paradises will - most likely - vanish during and after the announced MWEZ-reclamation project.

In all those years, I have seen the enormous changes of the Seashores in this area due to reclamation.

That is:
-The Sea has been filled with thousands of acres of un-used land.
-A jetty, designed to moore passenger ships, in the middle of town is now surrounded by swamp-land.

-The gragau fishermen disappeared from the Klebang area.

-Turtles, no-more visit Pulau Upeh to lay eggs , because their sandy nesting beaches have been swept away by altered sea currents due to the reclamation of Pulau Melaka..

And we can go on, and on, and on......

In 2018, I started to film animal activities on the Klebang Sea Shores.
These short movies on this webpage tell what was found.
Enjoy watching them..

And remember... as soon as the new MWEZ project starts, these movies... might be the only way to watch animal life on our....NO-SHORES.