Around the Klebang Seashores live three types of Egrets, also called Herons. These three types are real "look-a-likes". They only differ on small items.

These three types of egrets have all White feathers and are named: "Great Egret", "Intermediate Egret" and "Little Egret".
It is easy to recognise egrets when they fly. During flight, an egret folds its neck, unlike for example a stork who flies around with a stretched neck.

As the name already suggests, the Great Egret is the tallest of this trio. It has a noticeable kink near the middle of its long neck, a yellow bill,
black legs, and black feet.

The differences between the Great Egret and Intermediate Egret are not obvious. Of course, the body size of the Intermediate Egret is smaller.
The head shape of the Great Egret is more aero-dynamic then the head-shape of the Intermediate.
Suggesting that the Intermediate Egret has more brains.

The Little Egret distinguishes itself from its bigger brothers or sisters by a black bill and yellow feet. In the breeding season, this little adult has two
long plumes on the nape that form a crest. These plumes are clearly visible in the video. There are similar feathers on the breast, as well.

On the Klebang Seashores, Egrets feed during daytime in small groups (up to four birds) at peaceful shallow waters, preferably during low tide.

One can observe them at Bert's Lagoon, Sungai Lereh Estuary, Seafarer Restaurant, Sungai Klebang Estuary, Pulau Upeh and the Klebang Paddy Fields.

Before sunset, egrets fly in flocks to a mutual roosting place. Over the seasons, the location of the roosting place changes.